SpeedWave(Shotoku) - UK
A purpose.
This program performs training to hear a sound fast.
We become the speed of the brain fast by receiving training to hear it fast.
This program controls brain waves and concentrates on it.
This program is most suitable for the person who wants to raise various ability.
This program is useful for learning and duties use and mimitore.
Repetition learning became simpler by this program.
A characteristic.
I can change speed of reproduction.
I can output the file which I converted into double speed.
I change speed automatically and listen repeatedly.
The recording of the long time is possible.
I raise an effect of mimitore by performing mimitore in the state that controlled brain waves.
I can play it in 12 double speed.
Consecutive reproduction is possible by a list of reproduction function.
The reproduction of the MP3 file format is possible.
The operation with the keyboard is possible.
The operation is the same as a tape recorder.
There is a BookMark function.
You can download it from the following URL. Download. An operation check model. IBM-PC-compatible.
More than 1000Mhz.
The operation check OS. Windows7,WindowsVista,WindowsXP. Please refer to a Japanese homepage for the detailed explanation. A Japanese homepage. A method for purchase. This program is a trial version.

You install a trial version and can confirm movement.

The repayment of the price is not possible.

Please purchase only the person who confirmed movement.

The limit of the trial version is as follows.

As for you, reproduction is possible only for 30 seconds.
You cannot use conversion to the file.

It is price 40 Pound(GBP).

You can purchase it by a credit card.

Please remit the price to e-mail with PayPal.

The e-mail address is as follows.

The URL of PayPal is as follows. http://www.paypal.co.uk/uk
SpeedWave(Shotoku) - 40GBP

You send an E-mail to me after payment by a credit card.

Please fill in an email with the following contents.
Your e-mail address.
Your name.
Product name.
Quantity of product.
Total payment.

Please click a Send/Receive button of the email software.
Please confirm whether an email was transmitted.

I send the email which attached a license key.

Methods A download method
An installation method
A limit cancellation method

The language that I can support is only Japanese. Contact Information.

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